These are the boys addicted to pain! Their painful games with perverted masters who have little to no mercy for their slave boys are overwhelming! Those of you who are too impressive - better watch out for the scenes exposed inside are not intended for the people who faint when being exposed to the pleasures of extreme bondage and brutal sadistic play! Pain sluts are begging for mercy - though inside they crave for more!
Size 16 min
695 mb
What had begun as a sweet foreplay of two fresh twinks ended up in a lot of pain... Being tied up to the horse by his friend, Jeremy realized that the game was over only when it was already too late - the masked master armed with a scorching flogger was already cracking it behind his back...
Size 16 min
685 mb
Being pegged by his master was something that Ryan was used to - but this time his old master went a little too far... Being turned on by Ryan's moans he unlocked the cuffs holding the poor boy against the jagged wood - but only to turn him around and ram his throbbing love club into his ass...
Size 15 min
673 mb
Adam's new lover was even more than just inventive - the kinky breathplay that he offered the boy to try was incredible! Adam was already on the verge of passing out from anoxia - the only thing he felt were the wet lips and the tender hand in latex glove sliding along his stiff meat...
Size 17 min
750 mb
The flickering light of the candle was piercing through the darkness of the dungeon - and the burning of the hot wax dropping off it was piercing the body of a bound twink with pain... Still, he loved it - as well as the pain delivered by the humongous rod that was slamming on his butthole...

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